The Collection

The perfect match

We are delighted to offer you a physical reminder of your experience at The Harbour Club. In response to countless guest requests The Harbour Club is launching a distinctive line of lifestyle products. Perfect for gifting or enjoying for oneself. With a limited edition and a unique design you now have the opportunity to express love for our brand in the most stylish way.

Selwyn Senatori

Most of the products have been designed in collaboration with one of our favourite artists: Selwyn Senatori. Born in Italy, he is a Neo-Pop Artist of both Italian and Dutch descent. A blend of impeccable style and unmistakable "Amsterdam" charm, he effortlessly embodies sophistication in a suit while also embracing the casual allure of the city. Whether he's the suave gentleman with a pocket chief and a glass of champagne or the artist in shorts adorned with paint and flip-flops, Senatori creates art that instantly evokes joy. His work is a vibrant mix of Italian mischief, Amsterdam vibes, culinary delights, cocktails, luxury cars, and lively soirées. Yet, beneath the surface, a closer inspection reveals a deeper layer, showcasing another facet of the hedonist and bon vivant.

The perfect match

The works of Senatori add an extra dimension of art and culture to our venues, making The Harbour Club a truly unique and inspiring culinary experience. If you find the time explore the symbiosis of gastronomy and art at The Harbour Club, where Senatori's work is a lively addition to our atmosphere. With that in mind this exclusive collection not only serves as an extension of our restaurant but also provides a way for you to take a piece of our unique atmosphere home.

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